The Old Moravian Pharmacy’s Cafe menu



“Sønderjylland” Lunch Plate kr. 129,-

on Herrnhuter Bread


Mild and Creamy Curry Soup kr. 89,-

with chicken, served with Herbal Bread


Danish open Pasties kr. 99,-

with Chicken & Asparagus


Warm and delicious freshly made
Herbal Sandwich Bun kr. 69,-

Choose between 4 Fillings:

– Local deli Salami, Homemade Pesto Cream Spread, and Salad

– Grilled Chicken, Homemade Pesto Cream Spread, and Salad

– Cheese, Homemade Pesto Cream Spread, and Salad

  • – Eggs, Tomatoes, Homemade Pesto Cream Spread, and Salad

Green Salad kr. 69,-

Sprinkled with cranberries, Salty Pumpkin Seeds and optional Balsamico.
Served with Herbal Bread

Kids’ Plate kr. 49,-

Finger Food Sandwiches with Cheese & Nutella
served with Raisins and Cucumber Sticks

Coffee or Tea ad lib + one of the following:

– Honey Cake of the Day Kr. 59,-

– Layered Cake of the Day Kr. 69,-

– American Pancakes with Ice Cream Kr. 69,-

– Apple or Strawberry Dream with Ice Cream Kr. 69,-




Fuglsang’s Black Bird (Local Draft, Small)

Fuglsang’s Black Bird (Local Draft, Large)

Schackenborg (Bottled Red Lager)

Schackenborg (Bottled Dark Lager)

Carlsberg / Tuborg (Bottled) 

White Wine (0,25 l.)

Red Wine (0,25 l.)

Car (Local bottled Citrus Soda)

Chabeso (Local bottled Citrus Soda)

Soda (Bottled)

Spring Water (0,5 l bottle)

Fruit Juice (Bric)

Coffee (ad Lib)

Tea (ad Lib)

Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream (Big mug)


Please place your Orders and Payment
at the counter inside The Old Moravian Pharmacy